Sunday, April 15, 2012

G-League Season 4 - $42k+ Price Pool!

G-League 4 with Approximately $42,000 Price Pool!

G-League Season 3 Grand Finals ( sound proof glass )

G - League
Season Champion Runner Up








Who do you think will win G-League Season 4?

Monday, April 9, 2012

[GEST March]iZONE125 vs StarsBoba

GEST March

Jovensanity or Recca's non standard invoker?? iZONE125's typical Pinoy line up consists of Earthshaker, Queen of Pain, Naga Siren, Templar Assassin and Crystal Maiden will battle against StarsBoba's line up consists of Invoker, Vengeful Spirit, Clockwerk Goblin, Windrunner and Chaos Knight! SEA's finest fighting for who is the best! who is your bet?? watch now! ;)

[GEST March]Orange E-Sports vs MiTH.Trust

GEST March
Orange E-Sports

YamateH and the rest of Orange squad will fight against LaKelz and the MiTH.Trust! Orange with Crystal Maiden as support, Windrunner and Clockwerk Goblin as their utility, Shadow Shaman as their semi carry and Lycanthrope as their carry. And MiTH.Trust with Earthshaker and Ancient Apparition as support and triple int semi carries, Queen of Pain, Batrider and Oblivion. Mid game pushing line up vs Mid game team fight line up! Recommened replay! a must watch!

[GEST March]Execration vs Invasion Red

GEST March
Invasion Red

Execration will clash against Invasion Red. Execration's line up is consists of Templar Assassin, Crystal Maiden, Nerubian Assassin, Naga Siren and Windrunner while Invasion Red's line up is Demon Witch, Shadow Demon, Slithereen Guard, Broodmother and Queen of Pain. Aggression and greediness is in this game! who will execute better to win?



Australian team battling with a Chinese team in an online event called Asian DotA Championship. MCiTY's picks are Tinker, Earthshaker, Witch Doctor, Shadow Fiend and Demon Witch while LGD's picks are Enigma, Beast Master, Tide Hunter, Vengeful Spirit and Drow Ranger. Both team fight oriented line up, both strong in Mid to Late game! a good early game will be the key of the win.

[GEST February]MiTH.Trust vs StarsBoba

GEST February

Exciting game between one of Thailand's Best and one of Vietnam's best! the LGD like TH team will clash against VN's veterans. MiTH.Trust's picks are Tide Hunter, Shadow Demon, Windrunner, Anti-Mage and Beast Master while StarsBoba's picks are Venomancer, Nature's Prophet, Clockwerk Goblin, Lone Druid and Vengeful Spirit. can the pushing line up of Starsboba push to win or MiTH.Trust's team fight oriented line up hold's the enemies while Anti-Mage is farming his key items? watch now! ;)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GEST March - Groups and Schedule

A weekend of DotA awaits us as the March edition of the Gigabyte eSports Tournament International DotA Cup kicks off this Saturday. Sixteen SEA teams will play for a total of $2,500 in cash, and it all comes down to what breaks out during these two days of competition.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

[Storm The Front, Round 6]Online Kingdom vs Unique E-Sports

Storm The Front, Round 6
Online Kingdom
Unique E-Sports

One of the best match in DotA history. Great comeback after having 2 rax down. Item choices are the key of winning. This is one of the reason why this game is called "Defense of the Ancient" the winning team defended the last rax until they win.

Version: 6.67c
W3 Patch: 1.24e
Replay: OK vs Unique

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Farm4Fame 3.3 - Final]Meet Your Makers vs Storm Games Clan

Farm4Fame 3.3 - Final
Meet Your Makers
Storm Games Clan

A very exciting game! Uploaded May 21 2011. recommended replay by gosugamers, a lot of kills a lot of teamfights very even game, finishing with close kill score. can MYM's aoe team defeat SGC's killing team, who will be a more dominant killing machine in late game, Magina or Morphling? watch so you can see. ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012