Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[Asian DotA Championship] StarsBoba vs Razer.3gp

Asian DotA Championship

The Sentinel

The Scourge

SB.GigaByte|SS (Mid)
SB.Gigabyte|Ar (Top)
SB.Gigabyte|ns (Top)
SB.Gigabyte|BI (Bot)
sb.gigabyte|dv (Top)

Razer.Phobia (Mid)
Razer.Madcow (Top)
Razer.Evil^ (Top)
Razer.r^Choco (Bot)
Razer.HellYeah (Top)

Draft Analysis:

Sentinel have a more time fight oriented line up. Storm and Puck ensure good and safe long range initiation while Slar, Sven and WD ensure that Scourge's heroes, especially Alch and Kunkka fall quickly.

Scourge on the other hand have the lion mid solo, to counter any initiation by Storm or Puck. Venge is always a great pick, who fits into almost every line-up. Alch is used as a tank with a reliable stun fitting into the Scourge's trilane. Mirana can be seen as an attempt by scourge to gank and finish the game fast. Alchy acid spray + venge's -armour are used to increase scourge's physical dps from Kunkka and Mirana.


--Lane------Sentinel --VS--------Scourge-----
  SB.Gigabyte.Ar  Razer.Madcow
Top Lane SB.Gigabyte.ns  Razer.Evil^
  sb.gigabyte.dv  Razer.HellYeah
Mid Lane SB.GigaByte.SS   Razer.Phobia
Bot Lane SB.Gigabyte.BI  Razer.r^Choco

Lanes Analysis:
StarsBoba and Razer.3gp decided to send their tri-lanes at top. SB's Witch Doctor , Sven and Slardar faced an Admiral , Venge and Alchemist lane. Mid lane is pretty standard. A solo Storm faced a solo Lion while at bottom, a solo Puck laned against a PotM .
The fight for top lane was very entertaining. Sentinel's AoE stun-combo proved to be devastating but 3gp's coordination and team play didn't make it easy for StarsBoba either. Storm and Lion was placed mid for runes and easy ganking access to both side lanes. A solo Puck is placed bottom to rack up levels and gold easily to secure SB's mid-game as well as a PotM who will prove to be a key ganker later.

Game Analysis:


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