DotA Highlights is founded by Frederick Lawrence "DieSmiling" Viente on May 12 2011, an average DotA pub player in garena and rgc.

Unlike DotA movies, videos or montage, DotA Highlights showcases the scenes that happen in a single game. It is like cutting down boring part of the game and compiling all scenes that the viewers want to see.

DieSmiling started DotA highlight because he want to help the DotA community grow. Make pub games more teamwork oriented, popularize good players and teams with out any cost and also just for personal practice of video editting.

This website was created to make all of the stuffs related to DotA Highlights or DieSmiling compiled in one location for ease of access.

DieSmiling's main goal with his content is to aware other DotA players what's happening to the competitive DotA scene, what hero is trending, what hero is good or bad at this version and etc.

Long Live DotA 1.