Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GEST March - Groups and Schedule

A weekend of DotA awaits us as the March edition of the Gigabyte eSports Tournament International DotA Cup kicks off this Saturday. Sixteen SEA teams will play for a total of $2,500 in cash, and it all comes down to what breaks out during these two days of competition.

Group stage matches will commence this Saturday at 5:30 CET and run until 13:30 CET. The top two teams from each group will then advance to proceed on to a double elimination brackets played out in its entirety on Sunday.

The first eight matches to open Saturday at 05:30 CET are as follows. The second and third round of matches are expected to go live at 07:30 and 10:00 CET respectively.

With all this and more, GosuGamers will be there to bring you all the action live with their inhouse casters so be sure to tune in this Saturday for GEST March 2012.

DieSmiling666's Opinion
Group A: Pretty much even team IMO, will be a good bracket

Group B: (Not to be Bias) Mineski sitting in a good position IMO.

Group C of Death

Velocy: I really believe they can beat any of the teams in this tournament.
Xctn: looking at the previous local games, they have some good strats.
Trust: for me this team looks like OLD LGD. Lakelz as their ZSMJ.
Orange: Very Strong team. ofc ymt, mushi and the rest are very good players.

Group [D]eath

RedSpade: Brunie's Finest.
Revitalize: GMPGL Season 1 Champ
iZONE125: GMPGL Season 2 Champ
StarsBoba: You know who they are.

Hoping for No lag issues!..

Goodluck and Havefun to all teams!

hoping for a very quick release of replays..
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